Monday, September 27, 2010

Introduction To Myself

I suppose an introduction is needed, so I'll keep it short and simple due to this irrelevant article. Infact I believe a bulleted list would be perfect for this!

General Information:
  •  My name is Stephen, yet I go by the alias of Bludd
  • 18 years old - Approaching 19 shortly
  • I tend to be laid back and chill, I don't stress
  • Hobbies include music, cars, sports, friends, so the typical stuff (Although I don't believe I am typical whatsoever)
Why I'm blogging?:
  • I wanted to try it, hehe. Nothing more to it really. 
  • Whether I continue to Blog, I'm not quite sure. I'm just going to go with the flow
What I will blog about?:
  • Considering I'm new to this, I'll probably include everything and everything which is moderately interesting. Anything from schoolwork to my daily life, I suppose.
 Anyhow that should be enough of a summary for now, I'm more interested in experimenting with the whole 'Blog Thing'

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